Blue.i - Studio Navigator for VR
Blue.i captures absolute positional and rotation data of your studio camera and feeds it directly and simply into the virtual rendering software.
No fixed overhead sensors to constrain freedom of movement, no targets or reference points to consider - you now have complete control over the design and the production in your studio.
Blue.i is compatible with all leading VR rendering software

Blue.Robot - Track and control robotic cameras
Errors in positioning, slippage and recalibration - all these can become a time-wasting problem of the past. Avoid costly hold-ups in production by letting Blue.i keep your robotic cameras and your budget on track.

Blue.Icon - Continuity solution for accurate studio layout
If continuity means getting it spot on every time then Blue.Icon is the tool for you. A single sensor positioning system using Blue.i technology enables you to place and re-place any studio equipment or object in the exact position - no time consuming measuring, no triangulation or maths, just simple positioning and absolute measurement.
Saves time and money when recreating sets for re-takes or "daily" shows. Simply attach Blue.Icon, record the positional data as shown on it's on-board LCD display and feel confident in the knowledge that the same configuration can be reproduced time and time again.

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